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Keeping Employees Productive

Last year, I realized that a few of our employees did not have the best intentions when they came to work. It seemed like their goal was to slack off and avoid work, and it was really frustrating. I realized that I had to do something in order to make things right, so I started working with them to train them. I also installed a camera system and explained the consequences of their actions. Within about six months, we were able to completely overhaul things, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about keeping employees productive and on track, so that you can keep your company viable.


Keeping Employees Productive

Problems To Stay Aware Of With Commercial Generators

Grace Hanson

Having a commercial generator around your work site lets you run things even when you lose power. However, generators need to be repaired at certain points in order to stay functional. Here are some problems to monitor as best you can.

Bad Belts 

Commercial generators rely on belts to run various components. Over time, these belts will break down. When they do, you will likely hear loud noises coming from the commercial generator when it tries to run. Belt problems aren't going to cost you that much money to fix.

You just need to switch out the belts quickly before you end up causing damage to surrounding components. After finding a suitable replacement and going through proper setup protocol, you can get the new belt in place and have a well-running generator again. 

Lack of Oil

Commercial generators will provide power to your building during power outages, but in order to work safely and consistently, they need oil, which is lubricant that can help components on the generator work more smoothly.

If you forget to fill this oil back up and it runs low, you will need to quickly respond. Otherwise, you are going to cause the generator a lot more friction around various components. Get the recommended oil and make sure you fill the oil reservoir up as much as you can. Then you won't have to worry about poor generator performance around your commercial building.

Burnt Electrical Components

Commercial generators that do work harder than they really should will probably lead to a couple of burnt electrical components. That's not a good thing either because the commercial generator may no longer be safe. If you smell burning or locate already burnt electrical components, hire a commercial generator repair professional.

They need to figure out the reason behind this burning and put in solutions that keep you and your generator safe. Having this professional come out quickly is important too because you don't want your generator remaining a potential fire hazard. Prompt professional assistance will have burnt electrical components removed and systems set up so that you're not at risk.

Commercial generators are going to come in handy whenever your building loses power. If you wisely handle repairs and make sure they're performed at the right times by the right parties, your generators are going to give you consistent power that will make a difference in certain circumstances. 

Contact a commercial generator repair professional for more information.